Working with Cisco ACS and ISE

I’ve been involved in wireless network design and implementation for some years now, but have also been involved in Cisco’s ACS for just about as long.  In the last few years, I’ve done more and more work with ACS – from upgrades to migrations to greenfield installs.  As ISE has come of age, it was a natural progression to get certified and then involved in pre-sales and implementation projects with this successor of ACS.  There are many moving parts to an ISE implementation.  I recall the move from ACS 4.x to 5.x and the learning curve involved in some aspects.  I typically relate the difference between ACS 4.x and 5.x something like this:  ACS 4.x is like being given a sheet of paper with all the possible options you’d like with checkboxes for the config, whereas ACS 5.x is more like being given a blank sheet of paper in which to design your solution.  This allows for much more flexibility and power, but along with that comes more complexity.  Once you’ve completed a few successful ACS 5.x installs, it is much less daunting and can be quite fun (depending on the customer :)).  Along comes ISE and my little analogy now incorporates a comparison of ACS 5.x and ISE.  If ACS 5.x was like being given a blank sheet of paper, ISE is like being given a ream of blank paper!  There is lots of promise and lots of power in this new product.  I’m not much of a blogger, but I will try to post interesting findings and helpful hints as I come across them.

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